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Buy and Sell Bitcoin by using Cash App



After downloading the CashApp, you need to register an account. Make sure that your internet connection is on to start the process. You have two choices here

  • Either using mobile phone number
  • Or an email address for registration

Based on the preferred option, you will get a verification code to your mobile phone or indicated email.

You need to enter that verification code to the system and then choose your country by utilizing the drop down arrow.

After finalizing this stage, you need to press the next button and link your current bank account to CashApp by providing a debit card number.

After that, you can enter your Name and Surname to complete the registration process.

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Buying BTC

After downloading the Cash App to your mobile device you need to open it and tap on the rising curve icon. Then you will see the two available options on the screen which are

  1. Buy Stocks
  2. And Bitcoin

You need to select the second option. Now that you choose to purchase Bitcoins through the cash app, the next thing is to click on the buy button and specify the amount that you want to get. On the right corner, you will see a three-dot icon that can be used for entering the custom amounts that you want to buy. After completing this stage, you need to press the “next” button. You will be then redirected to the confirmation screen in which the full details of the transactions will be displayed. After checking the details to ensure that they are correct, you can press the confirm button to buy BTC.

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Sending Bitcoin on Cash App

By following the few easy steps that we are going to tell, you can seamlessly withdraw your Bitcoins through Cash App. To do so, you need to open the cash app and click on the banking tab on the main screen. After that, you need to select the Bitcoin and press the withdraw BTC icon

Then, you will have two options for withdrawal

  1. Scanning the QR Code
  2. Writing down the wallet address manually

After completing this stage, you should confirm your account’s PIN or use the Touch ID

A general guideline of the Cash App suggests that you can withdraw up to $5000 within one week and $2000 on a daily basis. The withdrawal process can take you around 40 + minutes as you are going to transfer the BTC to external wallets.

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How to receive and convert BTC

If you want to receive Bitcoin, you can do it with CashApp too! All you need to do is go to the Banking tab on the main screen. Then, you need to select Bitcoin and press the deposit BTC icon. And then, you can scan, copy or share your CashApp bitcoin address with an external wallet and also with BitofGold.

After completing this stage, you should confirm your account’s PIN or use the Touch ID

In order to convert your bitcoins to other currencies in Cashapp, all you need to do is to go to Investing tab on your home screen. After that, you need to tap on Bitcoin and press Sell. Then, you can select an amount of bitcoin you want to sell and at the end, in order to confirm the process, you should enter your account’s PIN or use the Touch ID.

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To freely enjoy the crypto transfer services of the CashApp, you need to verify your account. Without verification, CashApp limits your transfers to $1000 a month. This includes both sending and receiving cryptocurrencies and each week you cannot exceed the $250 mark. On the other hand, if you verify your account, the limit would be $7500 for a week on crypto transfers.

So, how to get verification?

By following these steps, you can easily submit verification requests and verify your account in the next 24 hours

For verification, you need to enter the CashApp wallet and choose Bitcoin as your preferable currency method. Then, you need to click to the deposits and withdrawals tab on the same page. You would be asked to verify certain attributes such as

  • The purpose of using/transferring Bitcoin
  • Your source of income
  • And employment status

After submitting the info regarding these attributes, the system needs to verify your identity. To complete that stage, you need to scan the front and back side of your ID card or driver’s license and submit those photos .After that, you need to enable CashApp to use your camera by clicking the “allow” button. To complete the process, you need to take a selfie in which your face should be visible and clear, and then press the “done” button below. Once you finalize this process, you will see that the previously indicated “ deposits and withdrawal tab turned into ‘verification in progress” which means that you successfully completed the submission process and need to wait for approval via email or message.

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