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BitOfGold - Quest Achievement

If you're searching for endless entertainment and numerous ways to win big, BitOfGold has you covered. And that's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest feature, Quest Achievement, which adds a thrilling twist to your gaming experience.

How Quest Achievement Works?

The Quest Achievement allows you to challenge your friends or opponents and win free play! Here's how it works: you must complete different quests and earn points as you move up.

As you progress through a quest, the claim button will become active, revealing the points you’ve generated so far from a specific quest. When you have enough points to cash in, the “Redeem” button will become active.

You must click the button and select your preferred platform to get the free plays.

For example, if you earn 100 points from a quest, you can redeem it for 1$ free play on any platform you choose. In addition, you'll unlock new levels and get rewards as you go through the Quest Achievement.

Here’s an example: if you’ve reached the first three checkpoints in the Quest Achievement, you can prioritize which prize you can claim. Also, you’ll have a day to redeem any remaining free play credits for real money.

You can play the best casino games for free thanks to the free plays that our customer support team adds to your account. These daily quests are available for regular competition. So, take advantage of this opportunity, redeem your free plays, and win more cash!

Unlock free plays as you challenge your opponents on the Quest Achievement.